Working in a House of Budz

House of Budz as a top player in the Canadian MoM industry.

Mail order marijuana businesses like ours are putting the pressure on government-run store in a serious way. Recent studies show that an average gram of cannabis in the government store can sell anywhere from $12-18$ a gram! Higher prices were expected by any business run by the government, but these we’re exorbitant even by those expectations. Therefore, mail order marijuana businesses like House of Buds provide an essential service for the cannabis community.

House of Buds offer’s cannabis strains such as Industrial plant, Bubba and MK Ultra are available for $6 – $10 a gram! This is the price point that customers are used to and willing to pay.

House of Buds is an exceptional MoM service operating out of British Columbia, Canada. Their focus as a MoM is curating the best possible customer experience. Whether that is through website interact or product experiences, House of Buds is putting the expectations of their customers at the forefront of their decisions. House of buds knows that a good deal will bring in a customer once, but a great product will have the coming back many more times. 

It’s for this reason House of Bud has a very diverse catalogue of cannabis products for you to choose from. From indica, sativa and hybrid strain, concentrates and edibles, vape pens and CBD tinctures, House of bud is well equipped to serve customers.  

What’s also great about services like House of bud is they don’t just serve one province. They offer shipping throughout Canada (for a flat rate) which means that you can get that dank BC bud delivered straight to your doorstep no matter where you are in Canada. This can take as little as 2 business days and the longest you’ll ever have to wait is 5 business days. A small price to pay for a superior service.

When you choose to shop with Mail Order Marijuana stores, you’re also helping to promote small businesses whose knowledge runs deep, and passions run hot about cannabis. They want to help de-stigmatize the perception of cannabis. While the stigma has been lessened slightly due to legalization, there must be a deconstruction of the lies and mistruths surround cannabis. Supporting businesses like HOB is crucial in role. 

Visit House of Bud’s site today and don’t hesitate to treat yourself to some of the best products from British Columbia. Start shopping the right way and shop at the House of Budz. 

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