Kief (or kif, keef) is derived from the Arabic word ‘kayf’ which is a definition for pleasure or well-being.  

If you’ve ever seen a Cannabis plant, and we’re assuming you have, have you ever wondered why you get sticky fingers after holding it? This stickiness comes from the very tiny crystals (trichomes) found on the cannabis plant known as kief, produced by the plants resin glands. Visually, these are the powdery or pollen looking substance that is collecting at the bottom of your container or stuck in your bag.

Naturally, some plants produce a toxin to prevent predators from eating them. In the case of the cannabis plant, it produces kief which will give nauseate and disorient it’s predator.

Typically, kief holds a higher percentage of psycho-active cannabinoids and is used by cannabis consumers to increase the potency of their high. This cannabis by-product is collected by consumers through grinders with a mesh screen cache or through running it through a sieve pre-emptively. If you’re looking to consume every part of the bud as possible, it would be recommended to collect the kief from the bud or container as to not waste it.

If you’re grinder doesn’t come with a kief sieve, it isn’t too difficult to find DIY instructions. Homemade sieves are made all the time. After collecting your kief, look at the colour of it. You can determine the purity or quality of kief by the colour of green it is. The lighter the colour of green, the higher quality/purer it will be.

Alternatively, you can take an extra strep and turn your kief into another cannabis product: Hash. Kief is also the fundamental building block for hashish and the quality that you receive is based on the type of cannabis used, the creation method, the temperature and purity of kief.

While historical evidence points to early hashish use in the old world, it was not heat up (combusted) as it is today, that is, it wasn’t smoked. Early use of hash was used mostly as an incense for relaxation and meditation. After being used as an incense, it is widely believed to have been ingested before the idea of smoking arrived much later. Some methods for turning kief into hash include: Hand pressing/compressing, Machine Press, Ice Making Method.

Kief is a very versatile compound derived from the cannabis plants that can be manufactured into different forms. This makes kief a valuable derivative for cannabis consumers. To get kief or other hash like products, visit House of Budz now!

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