Vape, Eat, Tincture, or Smoke?

How to enjoy your weed, your way.

As a cannabis user, you’ve probably tried it all. From: joints, to bongs, to weed vaporizer pens, to edibles, to tinctures. The market today offers a wide range of options for you to choose from. But with all these choices, we might be at a loss for how to pick our cannabis consumption method.

Before we go into how to pick, let’s run through some of the methods that cannabis can be consumed, and the benefits of each method.



Ahh the humble joint. Out of all the options on this list, nothing brings so strongly the visual of hanging out with your friends and relaxing than passing around a joint. The most social and versatile of the consumption options, joints will likely remain a humble symbol in weed culture forever. With growing versatility of flavoured papers, sizes and rolling techniques limited only by the imagination, it’s hard to picture weed culture without it.      



An iconic staple in the marijuana world for decades, the modern bong is one of the most common ways people go about smoking flower, as well as expressing their unique personalities by buying styles they like best. Pop-cans aside, bongs come in all shapes and sizes, chamber counts, and even materials – although most commonly glass. Aside from all that glitz and glamour, how do they stack up in terms of functionality?

If you ask any stoner, they’ll tell you that the best thing about their bong is they feel they get a cleaner hit, from a stylish device – which is true! Depending on the quality, chamber count, percolators, and additional custom options, bongs filter out a huge portion of potential impurities from dried flower. Everything including moulds, tars, even potential bacteria that might be on your buds if they were incorrectly dried and stored, get pulled out thanks to the water filtration process. 

Generally speaking, moe filtration, moe better, and the more your lungs will thank you if you like to smoke a bit more frequently. 


Vaporizer Pens

Vapes are a whole other animal in the weed world. Unlike bongs they are made to smoke concentrates, making for a much more intense buzz, much more quickly, at much lower volume of material. Although not as expressive in design as bongs, don’t let their simplicity fool you. These palm sized electro-pinners pack a wild punch for their size. 

In contrast to their large glass counterparts, vaporizers are more portable and easier to maintain, making them more ideal for a toke on the go. You sacrifice a bit of style, but you more than make up for it in portability and ease of maintenance. So the only real question on how to pick between the two is, what kind of smoker are you?



If you’re not down for a puff, how about some chewable stuff? Weed edibles are more widely available and versatile than ever before, and we love it! 

From candies, to chocolates, to an almost endless supply of different baked goods, it’s almost impossible to resist a tasty gift that keeps on giving. But unlike the smoking varieties that let you know you’ve had enough almost immediately, these innocent looking goodies are little assassins. 

Word to the wise, keep your couch and consol close at hand if you think you’ve overdone it and have your perfect evening planned out in advance – your rubbered limbs will thank you for it.



Another type of “edible”, cannabis oil tinctures are like a diet friendly option for those of you looking for a concentrated, calorie conscious doplet. Not as common in recreational use, but incredibly versatile in medical or holistic medicine, tinctures are robustly geared towards meeting the specific needs of people who need to know exactly what they’re getting and why they need it.

Tinctures have proven their versatility in helping treat – or reduce the severity of – everything from: sleep disorders, anxiety, appetite disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy and much more. 

Unlike flower, edibles and concentrates, tinctures can come in pure CBD isolated form for those not looking to get high – making them ideal to be used as medicines for those seeking alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Of course this does not suggest that you go against the advice of your doctor and stop taking medications. As always, consult health care practitioners before making any decisions regarding your health.

Cannabis and its derivatives have shown such a wide array of uses and medical benefits that you’d be hard pressed to find any other plant like it.

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