Top 5 Best Tips for Cleaner Lips (Keep Your Bongs and Weed Pipes Clean)

We’ve all been there. We go to take a hit, and realize our one-hitters, or pipe, or bong have gotten so dank and resin filled that our lips get sticky from having to inhale so hard to get anything to come out.

By that point, anyone with self respect and a need for clean lips will make the call that it’s cleaning time. 

Let’s look at 5 basic ways of keeping your equipment clean, and your lips happy.  We’ll also see if a weed vape pen might be a better fit for you if none of these cleaning tips sound all that exciting for you.

Let’s go!


Tip 1 – Clean As You Go

We’re starting with the most basic, but most overlooked method of maintaining your gear. Clean as you go. That means after you take a hit, have a tool handy made for what you’re using handy and ready to clean.

If you’re using a pipe, then have a proper sized pipe cleaner on hand. If you don’t have any, most dollar stores and arts and crafts stores will. Grab a couple sizes for a few cents and you’re on your way to a clean pipe, as long as you remember to use the cleaners after every hit.


Tip 2 – Use Hot to Boiling Water

This is one of those don’t do this willy nilly kind of things. To be blunt, it smells like burning rubber at a racetrack if you do this indoors. Oil and water never mix, so once the resin caked pipe, bowl piece, or even whole bong are in the water, the oil will come to the top and the smell will be like burning rubber on a roadkill skunk. Ya, you’ll want to avoid that if you don’t live alone (or even if you do).

You don’t often need soap or anything for this. Boiling water and time, followed by a wipe down with a textured rag will do a pretty good job on their own, but it does take a while for the water to boil all the gunk off, especially in smaller areas like tubes and the inside of bowls.


Tip 3 – The Alcohol Bath

Alcohol baths are pretty effective, but you should probably be ready with a backup smoking device or a joint if you decide to do it this way. Scrubbing is rarely needed with this method, but you’re looking at a decent amount of either alcohol or ethanol in a sealed jar that has to be left alone to do it’s thing for 24-48hrs.

You want a good seal too. If the alcohol evaporates overnight, you’ll have less than you started with, and that might mean your pipe or bowl piece is poking out, not benefiting from the soak.

We hope we don’t have to remind you of this, but it’s best not to inhale the fumes. Yes, you can get drunk off alcohol fumes, so be careful.


Tip 4 – Kosher Salt and Nail Polish Remover

If you’ve done this, you’re a champion toker. Most people haven’t heard of this method but it works quite well, especially on glass pipes.

Start by sealing off the bowl of your pipe with either electrical tape or some other effective means of keeping any liquid from escaping. Youtuber Tunacrab does a great job at showing this whole process in detail here.

Once everything is sealed at the bottom (remember to leave the top open for now) fill the pipe with salt about half way, then add nail polish remover until the pipe is about 80% filled with salt and solution. Remember to leave some air in it so things can slosh around freely.

Tape up the top hole, shake like hell for 3min to 10min depending on how nasty your pipe is, and then remove the tape at the top first to let everything drain out, then remove the tape around the bowl.

Rinse the pipe with hot water repeatedly, and bam! You have a brand new pipe!


Tip 5 – Just Vape, Yo

If any of this sounds like too much of a hassle for you to do on a fairly regular basis, then you might want to consider going with something that doesn’t need cleaning that will also last you long enough to be worth buying – a disposable weed vape pen

Vapes are resin free and don’t create smoke or tar when inhaled. The contents of the cartridge simply evaporate, leaving no mess and no stress.

Because of legalization, vape pens are now highly regulated, safe, and more reliable than ever. Gone are the days of fly by night companies producing shotty products. Everything has to pass QC checks now, sometimes dozens, before anything is allowed to go into the marketplace.

So why not check them out and give them a try? There’s hundreds of varieties and flavours out there. If you’re not down with cleaning anything, then make the switch and open up your weed experience with a fully custom smoking experience!



Like we were saying, vaping will save you time on cleaning your gear, offer a safe and cleaner way to smoke, and make your cannabis experience way more customizable.

So why not give it a try? After all, clean lips are kissable lips.

Have a great vaping story? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it!

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