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Cambodian Psilocybe

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This special strain comes from the ancient temple of Angkor Wat, located in South East Asia (modern day Cambodia). This particular mushroom was used regularly by the early inhabitants of the area and was considered a central focus of their religious ceremonies for centuries. The early inhabitants of this area were able to reach a very advanced state of civilized culture, exceeding in all areas of the arts, leaving behind a tremendous wealth of spiritual as well as scientific knowledge that still remains to this day as a testament to their grand achievements. This is one of the far eastern strains that researcher John Allen has brought back to the US from his forays to the sacred lands of South East Asia.

Dosing Information

0.5g – This dose is considered a “microdose”. When consumed it produces a light body high, feelings of euphoria, your senses become slightly heightened, colors and light will become brighter and slightly more vivid, and sounds will be slightly sharper. You will not notice any visual anomalies. You will be more creative, and more awake. This is a good dose if you want to feel the body effects, but not have visuals, or want to be more creative for an art project.

1.75g – This is considered a “standard dose”, although on the low end, you will notice slight visual anomalies. Things will begin to move, or breathe. The body high is stronger than that of a microdose, and senses are far more heightened. Color becomes very vivid and light is brighter, your sense of smell increases, things you touch feel better than normal, and you can hear things much better. Music sounds more wide or deep. Walls or other objects may slightly change colors. Pupil dilation is noticeable at this dose. This is a good dose for someone taking mushrooms for their first time. A trip sitter is highly recommended, but not required.

3.5g – This is double the low standard dose, and twice the trip. The body high is quite strong and visuals are very apparent. Lines of different colors may appear and wave around. Walls and other objects begin to breathe strongly. Confusion of the senses occurs, as the sounds you hear may alter your visuals. The entire room may appear to wave and slightly spin. Your emotions are amplified many times over, and you will be overcome with a strong sense of peace and euphoria. It is not recommended to take this dose for your first time, but many people do start with this amount. You will want to have a trip sitter in case anything

4.5g – This is the strongest standard dose you can take. The body high is very strong, and visuals become more intense. You may see depictions of ancient Aztec, Maya, Native American, and others. Confusing, or reminiscent thoughts will occur. You may think two contradictory things at one time. You will want to have a trip sitter when taking this dose.

5g – This dose is considered a “Heroic Dose”. This dose and above are where things begin to get crazy. Strong visual hallucinations occur, extremely strong body highs, and extreme contradictory or reminiscent thoughts occur. Your emotions are amplified immensely. You may experience ego death. Time will become meaningless, and some things may seem unreal. Auditory hallucinations may occur, such as things beginning to talk to you, or you will hear random ambient sounds that you may think are real. This is an intense dose, and is not to be taken lightly. You absolutely must have a sitter, and must be in a good set and setting. Do not take this dose if you have never experienced a 4.5g trip.

7g – This is a quarter of an ounce. Double the weight of a moderate standard dose, but not double the trip. This dose will make 3.5g feel like a microdose. Time no longer exists; motor functions may become decreased, extremely strong visual hallucinations and extremely strong body high. You will experience ego death, and extreme euphoria. Your pupils will expand up to 85% more than normal size. You can hear every little thing, such as your hair brushing against your pillow or finger touching your shorts. Auditory hallucinations will occur and you may lose the ability to discern from reality. You should never underestimate this dose as doing so can send you into a downward spiral of terror and fear.

10g – This is considered an “Extreme Heroic Dose”. Most people won’t ever take this much. Those who dare take this much need to prepare extremely well both physically and mentally as this trip is compared to strapping yourself to an uncontrolled rocket and flying wildly in every which direction. Objects will start morphing into one another; sounds so will be so sharp that it alone can drive you mad. Your thoughts and feelings are everywhere and cannot be controlled. You may not know who you are or where you’re at. Ego death is almost certain. You will see extremely detailed patterns and shapes on walls, faces, screens, and everything else. You’ll reach deep into your conscience and learn and see things you’ve never thought to be possible. You become one with yourself, and with others with you. You will come out of this trip a different person, either better or worse. Be prepared to have your mind blown if you attempt this dose.

14g – This is half an ounce. Very few attempt this dose as it can be very dangerous. Only shamans and highly experienced trippers who have slowly worked their way up to it should or will take this dose. Some may compare it to a 10 strip of LSD, however, the body load and mental effects are much more intense. At this dose most of your peripheral vision will be covered in visuals, and if you look at a sidewalk, wall, or other flat surface you can see infinite distance of patterns and visual hallucinations. Anyone who is not ready for this dose and takes it themselves will most likely end up calling 911 if they are capable of doing so. Your motor skills become highly decreased and you will experience ego death. Unless you are willing to experience the whole unaided trip, you will want to have headphones and play good music, and watch a TV show if you want. Always have someone around to take care of you in case things go bad. Closed eye visuals will be so complex that you can’t comprehend them, and loss of reality will be so immense that it cannot be explained. You will experience moments of eternity, and you will come out of the trip a different person.

20g – Not many people have reached this dose. It’s so psychologically and physiologically dangerous, that if you even have the slightest doubt about it, you should not take it until you are ready. Your visuals will be so strong that you will no longer be able see your own hand in front of your face. Your thoughts will be indescribable, and you will see everything. Your “third eye” will be wide open. You will meet beings and see architecture and patterns that appear to be made out of light and energy. This trip is much like a DMT breakthrough trip, as mushrooms are also a tryptamine hallucinogen. You will have no motor function, and may forget to do basic tasks such as breathe, which can cause you to pass out. You will no longer experience reality, as your vision will be completely covered in visuals so strongly that you can no longer see your hand in front of your face, and you will no longer hear anything but pure auditory hallucinations. You are transported to an entire new universe, and become a completely different being. Those who take this dose, usually never go back. If you’re the type of person who trips hard on 3.5g, then you should never think of attempting this dose.

Every gram you take intensifies the trip quite a bit more than the last, so don’t think going from 5g to 7g won’t be a big leap, because it will. Some people are able to handle the effects of high doses than others, so know what you can handle before you move up a dose, and be sure to always have a good sitter when attempting a new dose. Your safety is the most important thing and you must take it seriously. Mushrooms are no joke, and should be treated with absolute respect. Happy tripping!
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