MoM’s and the Online Economy

How businesses like House of Budz are thriving in the years of a pandemic.

In this article we will be talking about why MoM are the way to go moving forward in an ever-shifting cannabis landscape. Right now, MoM services are poised to benefit the most from Coronavirus reactions, like the government forcefully shutting down a large swath of the economy. In some places like Ontario, cannabis is not considered an essential service (while liquor stores remain open), leaving a huge community unattended. Enter mail order marijuana companies. 

According to online statistics, there are over 1.9 billion digital buyers with 14% of retail sales belonging to e-commerce. By 2023, only 3 years away, the total amount of retail sales done online will jump to 22%! These numbers alone make the case for purchasing cannabis online. More and more people are beginning to trust online businesses just as much as their physical counterparts. Additionally, digital cannabis stores can offer more than brick and mortar locations, surprisingly enough.

While entering a physical store may have been convenience once upon a time, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that notion has been completely uprooted. The convenience of stopping at the local dispensary on your way home from work or the park has been replaced with thoughts of paranoia, longer wait times, lineups and differing social distancing recommendations.  By their nature, MoM companies like House of Budz do not need to implement customer SD regulations because there is no store front. House of Budz staff already follow and understand the proper handling techniques necessary to avoid contamination and spread of infectious disease.

When it comes to offering services, MoM businesses have physical stores beat. How about when it comes to mental and physical health? For that, we must turn our attention to the quality and availability of cannabis. MoM’s have a tendency to carry a larger variety of cannabis products in general. These products can help manage some debilitating symptoms like chronic nausea, vomiting and insomnia. Just to name a few. With the help of MoM’s you can place whatever size order you like without the possible scrutiny of the budtender or other customers. If that’s your concern. Simply register with us before your supply runs short and place your order. It only takes a few clicks from the comfort of your own home to do and is something you should consider.

When it comes to MoM, there’s a good chance you’re actually paying the proper, non-inflated cannabis price. Often when you go to a dispensary, you’re paying heavily marked up prices. These premium prices are added because of general operating costs (overhead) required for operating a physical business. Staffing, rent, cannabis products and supplies are some of the causes for driving cannabis costs up.  No one should pay inflated prices if they don’t have to. What’s worse, is that the quality of these products are abysmal.

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