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House of Budz becoming a household name

House of Budz has quickly built itself a strong foundation as one of Canada’s top mail order marijuana services. Ever since opening one short year ago, House of Budz has managed to work its way into the heart of cannabis consumers across the country. How are they able to do this on the back of brick and mortar stores who opened not more than a year earlier?

There are a lot of things to consider when discussing House of Budz’s success. The obvious comes in the amount of capital they were able to save by exclusively operating as an online delivery retailer (otherwise known as mail order marijuana services).  All this saved capital was able to be injected into other parts of the business to help it grow considerably. House of Budz was able to hit the ground running, meet demand and never miss a delivery date.

By establishing itself as an online source for recreational cannabis, House of Budz was able to secure a piece of the market while at the same time proving itself with the quality of its product. This could not come at a more opportune time, as Canadian cannabis businesses started struggling with great losses at their retail locations. Even as Covid-19 started to increase its presence and morphed into a global pandemic, most cannabis business has moved online.

House of Budz prides itself as Canada’s premiere online cannabis dispensary, carrying dozens of safe and legal products. It’s part of their model to offer delivery Canada wide, offers fair prices and a variety of quality grown strains you may have a hard time finding in stores. Did we mention that the product is always fresh? Our product does not sit on the shelf or in the warehouse for months, only for you to receive a product that was packed a year earlier! That is not how you run a good business!

Instead, House of Budz makes sure that all the bud that customers order is as fresh as possible.

You can find a plethora of products in their store, similar to what you’d find in physical locations. Their products are varied and many. Just look at the following list:

This of course is a preliminary list and you can find a great deal of other, unique, products by visiting our online store.

If you have not heard of House of Budz, do not worry, we won’t hold it against you. All good things take time, and there’s not time like the present. Never worry about going to a physical store again or trying to stay 6 feet away from another customer. It’s innate in our service! You order, we deliver. No contact is necessary!

Visit our site today and see what we’re talking about. You have nothing to lose by that dry, year old weed you’ve been hoping you wouldn’t be handed. Try House of Budz today and reinvigorate your cannabis experience.  

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