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Covid-19 and Essential Mail Order Marijuana Businesses.

Covid-19 has been a curse on many industries. One industry that has been able to navigate through this crisis with more or less damage, is the cannabis industry. Specifically, the mail order marijuana industry has been able to weather this storm while coming out with a bit more prestige than it’s given credit for.

Mail order Marijuana companies like House of Budz is exactly the solution the Canadian Cannabis industry needs in a time where store fronts are shutting down. We’re in a unique position to help serve our community while ensuring they fulfill their civic duties by staying at home. Block long line ups and waiting in the wintry Canadian weather are now commonplace as the cannabis community flock to stock their stash, in case supplies run short.

This provides an opportunity to online cannabis retailers who have been the scourge of brick and mortar stores. While customer capacity has shrunk and wait times have grown, House of Budz has been able to seize the opportunity and provide relief to cannabis consumers. Our company has already seen a huge increase in the amount of orders through our website during the past few weeks. Demand for cannabis has skyrocketed since this pandemic started and House of Budz has been working overtime just to make sure orders go out on time.

Some provinces have been quick to label services like liquor services, essential businesses, followed shortly after by the declaration of Cannabis dispensaries as essential. However, it wasn’t long after that the Premier of Ontario rescinded the classification of cannabis dispensaries as essential business, while keeping liquor stores open. By and large, these two services serve the same purpose and the government of Ontario is playing favourites with one sector over another.

It’s understandable, in a minute way, that governments are uneasy about the potential of cannabis shops. They are still relatively new to the market and have had their share of turbulent events, but they can hardly be considered non-essential. Many people rely on cannabis for actual medical relief. Doctors do not prescribe alcohol as a treatment for Parkinson’s, epilepsy or other dangerous illnesses. Cannabis, in a very significant way, is much more of an essential business in many regards than alcohol is.

Whether physical location stores are being targeted for closure or not, this is a tangible threat to an industry that has show it can earn significant profits in only its first year of operation. Should these businesses close to help fight the spread of COVID-19, cannabis users don’t need to worry. There is a suitable alternative for their needs.

House of Budz offers you’re the same products you’re used to finding in physical retail stores. Products like hash, shatter, edibles and CBD items are available at the prices you’re used to, and possibly even cheaper! Don’t put yourself at risk during this pandemic. Stay home. Stay safe and let the professionals bring your cannabis to you.

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