Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cannabis Legal?

Yes. As of October 17th 2018 cannabis is legal for recreational use in Canada.  Users of cannabis can obtain and use cannabis for their own use either through a physical or online retailer.

Is Smoking my only option?

No, there are a variety of ways that cannabis can be taken. The most common non-smoking way to inhale cannabis is vaping. This is done through either Dry Vapes, which use actual cannabis bud, or Wet Vapes which commonly use an extract such as shatter or rosin.

Additionally, cannabis can be distilled into tinctures, capsules, oils and even into foods. These non-inhaling methods are great for those who can not smoke or vape and offer many of the same benefits as smoking without the after effects.

How do I order?

Ordering from us is easy! Just visit our shop page and add items to your cart. Once you have everything you want in your cart, simply go to the checkout page, fill in your information and place your order.

Payment is done through Interact E-Transfer and takes only minutes to send and process. Once we have your order and payment we ship it out as soon as the same day.

For return customers we suggest signing up for an account. This will allow you to easily track and manage your orders as well as more quickly place your next order.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

Due to legal regulations we can not sell product outside of Canada. Canadian Law prohibits the sale of cannabis outside of Canada.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We offer flat rate shipping at the cost of $15 per order through Canada Post’s XpressPost. This will ensure that your order will be delivered in as little as 2 business days (maximum 5 business days) and arrive safe and sound.

Where do you ship?

House Of Budz ships all over Canada with Canada Post, this means that we can ship to over 99% of Canadians.


It’s very important us that you are getting your products as quickly as possible. We process every order as fast as possible, and that’s why we chose to ship exclusively with Canada Post Xpresspost. Locally or regionally you get your product within 2 business days, and if it’s nationally 3-5 business days. This way you won’t need to wait for a very long time so you can acquire your items and in the end we will be there to offer the support and assistance you always wanted.

We have a customer-first focus. But we always communicate with you and if you have us talk about something, then we are here to help. We have a dedicated support team so, if you have questions you want to ask us or if you believe we can help with anything.  Simply put, you never have to worry about anything and we will be more than happy to offer the support and help that you may need. Of course there are tricky situations that can appear along the way. But our team is here to assist and eliminate all of that. It’s a great idea and a stellar opportunity that you just have to check out.


We carefully pack each and every item into a discreet, plain box, or padded envelope. We seal all our products carefully in smell proof and childproof bags to prevent damage and odor during transport. We then package them carefully so they are as secure as possible during transport.

INTERAC®  E-Transfer

We want to make the process of paying online very simple and convenient for you. This is why we are a team of experts ready to assist with any situation that may arise. We chose to use Interac E-Transfer as the best option for taking online payment.

Interac E-transfer is great service to easily send money securely so we can  send the products you purchase as quickly as possible. It really is the best of both worlds and you will be very happy with the value and quality being brought to the table. All you have to do is to check out the products you want and all processing fees are shown directly.

They also provide a variety of additional services such as improved transaction security, which we opt for to provide you with the best purchase experience. We know that you want the best quality and results, so with our help you don’t have to worry about anything. Just consider giving us a try and we will show how reliable and reputable our services really are. All you need is to try out this great opportunity and the Interac E-Transfer payment system will definitely be enjoyable for you.

When we chose Interac E-Transfer, we wanted to make it easy for customers to buy our products and even activate recurring payments. Interac E-Transfer is a service that does all of that and it also implements some of the best security options on the market. We really believe in offering a very good set of results, and that’s what you want to achieve every time. It really pushes the boundaries when it comes to deliver a great opportunity while also making sure that we are paid very fast and without any worries.

How do I pay with Interac® E-Transfer

For full instructions on how to pay using Interac® E-Transfer click here The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes!

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