Cannabis and Animal Treatment

A Little Dog with Big Results

My partner and I recently decided to rescue a dog and add him to our family. We did our research but at the time there wasn’t a lot of dogs available for rescuing. We we’re able to find Frankie, however, a 12-year-old Chihuahua who was abandoned in LA. When we met him, he was very engaging and happy. We we’re thrilled and decided to adopt him. He’s been living with us for over a year and since then we’ve noticed some concerning things surrounding his health.

Frank is by no means a young pup anymore; he’s considered a senior. He has cataracts in one eye and developing it in the next; his teeth are all cavity ridden and his tail doesn’t work from previous trauma. Our new little family member is suffering a considerable amount of pain on the daily. After doing some research, we eventually came across a few articles which mentioned the use of CBD animal products. I didn’t know what CBD was at the time and was surprised to find out that it’s considered ‘medical marijuana’.

After conducting a little research, it seemed to me that there was a large community of pet owners who we’re using and vouching the use of CBD animal remedies. Considering I didn’t want to use any damaging medicines, I decided to give CBD treats a go and see for myself what the big fuss was about it.

I’m not going to lie, at first I was overwhelmed with the selection of cannabis ‘treats’. As a dog owner, I usually get carried away in pet stores, browsing for what seems like hours trying to find the best option for my little guy. This was no different. From Animal tinctures, to Hot Spot creams to little doggy treats…there was quite a selection to choose from.

Eventually I had to pick, and I decided that I wasn’t going to try the doggy snacks just yet. I thought observing how the tinctures worked would be the best and responsible choice. Unfortunately, most of the tinctures I found that we’re available treated large dogs instead. Until I came across A Canadian Mail Order Marijuana service which delivers the products to my door, which is a relief because it’s always raining out here.

Getting back on track, I discovered that they had a specific tincture remedy for small dogs. This was amazing! When trying something new, it’s always better to start with the right dose, if not a smaller one, to see how it affects us.

When It arrived, on the same day I should add, I immediately applied to the food inside his dish. We was a little curious, I’m not sure if he could smell anything (I couldn’t). Eventually, after playing with his food for a while, he ate it all up excitedly! Within an hour I noticed a striking difference in his behaviour! Frankie was walking around the house more, talking (barking) more and seemed to have more energy!

The initial experience was overwhelming positive, and it brought much joy to my heart to see Frankie full of energy I had never seen before! I recommend that if you are looking for pain relief for your little guy that you pick up one of these CBD medical marijuana tinctures.

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