12 Ways of Christmas Giving

House of Budz has worked closely with Santa and his elves this year to come up with a fabulous guide to Christmas Giving that is sure to please all the cannabis enthusiasts in your household.

Way #1 of Christmas Giving
Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh, Lolli, Lollipop!
Indulge in a little holiday sweetness and give your tongue something it’s going to enjoy. Lucious medicated lollipops are designed to treat your taste buds and help to create a relaxing mood. Comes in a delicious assortment of flavours such as grape, strawberry, lemon lime, raspberry or watermelon. Now made with Mota’s THC Distillate with 150MG of THC. $14.00. Browse edibles at

Way #2 of Christmas Giving
Know someone who’s been very good this year? Gift a Lamborghini.
Not the car but just as hot! Purple Lamborghini AAAA+ Exotic Strain is a complex and satisfying Indica that is believed to stem from a select phenotype of Mendocino Purps. Patients report positive effects such as deep relaxation and soothing pain relief. Hybrid: 20% Sativa /80% Indica THC: 20% – 22% 7 grams $85.00 Order today at

Way #3 of Christmas Giving
Put a gift basket together for the sybarite on your list.
Know someone who loves to luxuriate in the bath? Enhance their relaxation with our CBD infused bath bombs, soap & bath salts. At you’ll find a wide variety of wonderfully-scented bath bombs such as “Citrus Energy” that revitalizes with its tangy aromas or a “Blueberry Pomegranate” bath bomb. Check out our assortment of 100 mg CBD or 150 mg CBD bath bombs at only $7.50 to $10.00. Also look for our relieving Foaming bath salts that help to ease pain with 300 mg of THC and #300 mg CBD. Six relaxing soaks per package. Tuck in one of our refreshing scented soaps with a built-in loofah, such as “Pink Lemonade CBD Soap” with 200 mg of CBD. An incredible way to pamper your loved one. Order now at

Way #4 of Christmas Giving
Don’t forget the chocoholic!
Mota’s new Black Cherry Chocolate cubes are packed with 900 mg per package, with each square containing 100 mg of THC per square. These delicious treats are intended for patients who have a tolerance and are looking for a discreet and convenient edible. This product is made with 100% THC Distillate which provides a superior flavour profile, with the design of the bar allowing pieces to be easily divided. A chocolate snack that’s perfect for patients with a variety of ailments who are looking to relax. $55.00 Browse edibles today at

Way #5 of Christmas Giving
For a bright but experienced star in your world!
Rockstar Kush, also called “Rockstar OG,” is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain created through a cross of potent Rockstar X Bubba Kush strains. This powerful bud has a well-balanced but extremely potent high that is powered by an intensely high THC level that typically falls between 22-25% on average. Rockstar Kush is a favourite strain for treating chronic pain, anxiety and inflammation. 3.5 grams for $35.00 Find out more about it at

Way #6 of Christmas Giving
Be the host with the most this holiday season!
The holidays can be a hectic time so it’s best to be prepared. House of Budz house blend pre-rolls are a special blend of our very best strains all combined to give you the best smoke. The blend is created from whole bud, not shake, so potency is normal, but the smoking experience is exceptional. It has all the smoothness of whole bud and none of the harshness of shake. 5 Pre-rolls for $18.00 Check out all the options at

Way #7 of Christmas Giving
Someone you curl up with on long, cold, winter nights!
A potent strain with some famous genetics, Animal Cookies (sometimes called Animal Crackers) is a relatively recent indica hybrid. Bred by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot, it is a cross between perennial favourite Girl Scout Cookies and indica hybrid Fire OG. Animal Cookies has multicoloured flowers and a complex sweet-sour scent. It has heavy effects, providing pain relief, relaxation and sleep. 3.5 grams for $45.00 Discover more at

Way #8 of Christmas Giving
For someone just getting started!
Why not choose a great gift for a beginner: A Vape Pen & Cartridge Starter Set? Subtle by design and amazingly compact, this easy to grab device is filled with 1.2 grams of quality oil, available in Sativa or Indica. Choose from one of our four delicious flavours: Blueberry, grape, mango and watermelon. House of Budz’ vape pens look good and taste great! Pick up our starter kit set complete with everything a beginner needs. Comes with a rechargeable adapter. $55.00 Check it out at

Way #9 of Christmas Giving
For the woman who loves to laugh!
Pink Kush creates super strong body effects and has a sweet and delicate taste, It’s a 90/10 indica-dominant hybrid with a little bit of a coy attitude. This strain lives up to its name with amazing coloration and a powerful high, and is popular in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Pink Kush aims to please when it comes to THC, with average levels around 20%. Pink Kush’s flavour and fragrance are heavily accented with vanilla, sweet berries, and floral notes that linger in your mouth in a pleasing way. When it comes to getting high, Pink Kush brings relaxation with a twist of happy giggles. Users will find that they are instantly taken to a euphoric headspace with this sweet tasting bud that mellows you out with the occasional burst of happiness. 3.5 grams $35.00 Find out more about Pink Kush at

Way #10 of Christmas Giving
CBD Oil—the gift that keeping on giving!
A very potent tincture at 68 mg CBD per full dropper, this wonderful product is a natural and effective treatment for inflammation and pain. The tincture’s simple ingredients are CBD Isolate and Coconut Oil. CBDYou – Original 2000 mg per bottle $140.00 Discover more about CBD Oil at

Way #11 of Christmas Giving
Don’t forget Rover!
We love our pets, and hate it when they experience any discomfort or pain. Natural and tasty CBD dog treats are 100% Canadian beef tender sticks. No artificial colours or additives. For pain relief and anti-inflammation that is totally non-psychoactive 100 grams $30.00. Further information and guidance available online. Order today at

Way #12 of Christmas Giving
Shroomie Very Berry Sour Gummy Bears Stocking Stuffer!
Not sure about the taste of magic mushrooms? No problem! These gummy bears make it much easier and enjoyable to consume. Each psilocybin-infused gummy bear is carefully hand curated to make your consumption experience pleasant from the very first bite. They are conveniently small but pack a big punch—the recommended dosage is just one to two pieces. 2 x 500 mg per gummy bear for a total of 1000 mg per package. $16.00 Order now at

Remember: House of Budz provides free shipping on orders over $150. Need help finding gifts for the cannabis crew on your Christmas list? Browse our wide selection of cannabis products online and save 15% on your first order! Finish up your gift buying now at

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